Deaf.app is a privately-held American conglomerate of Deaf-world brands.
Deaf.app is a subsidiary of Leshire, LLC.

Deaf.app is powering the Deaf revolution with platforms dedicated to building a better Deaf future. We promote ADA compliance, Deaf Culture, employment, and quality of life issues.

Brands include news, information, employment assistance, advocacy, interpretation, mass market consumer goods and general Deaf-world services.

Join us in our effort to build a better Deaf world by donating to your favorite Deaf causes, trying out our services and sharing this platform with your friends.

Meet our CEO

Rex Sarazen

CEO at Leshire.com
CEO at Deaf.app

Rex Sarazen is an American entrepreneur and advocate for the Deaf.

Since 2012, Rex and the team at Leshire built a portfolio of brands; Solving for the people in a new digital revolution.

Born in Lestershire, New York into an IBM family and raised in Endicott (The location of Plant No. 1 and birthplace of IBM.) Rex credits his success to the firmware of the last generation of original IBMers. Their principles and singular legacy animate Leshire on a mission to enable humanity.

Rex is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult), Interpreter, supporter of Deaf-world initiatives and advocate for Deaf civil rights; Combating audism (discrimination against the Deaf), promoting quality of life issues for Deaf Americans and the Deaf worldwide.

General Information

Direct general questions to: hello@deaf.app

Press & Media Contact

Media and press can direct any inquiries to: press@deaf.app


Deaf.app is a conglomerate of Deaf brands building a better future for the Deaf-world. You can support us in this mission by sharing this page on social media or donating to a Deaf-friendly cause.

Deaf.app will never sell your information to any parties.